Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hello Blue Eyes!

Kambry is growing up way too fast! She will be 4 months old next week. I think this is terrible. She is such a sweet and wonderful baby that I wish I could put a pause button on her!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My Messer and My Monkey

What's behind a nickname? I frequently call Kade "my messer" or "my monkey". Here are two pictures I took recently that show exactly how and why he earned these names.

"My Monkey" He totally pulled a chair out to climb up on the kitchen table so he could sit in Kambry's Bumbo. "My Messer" Why oh why are toilets so exciting to play in? We still have TP stuck to the walls...

Sunday, February 15, 2009

I bonked da head

So Kade made it to his 2nd birthday, but at the rate he is going this week, I really hope he makes it to his 3rd. Honestly, I have never seen a child be so accident prone in my life. I don't know how we do not live in the ER.

In one week, he managed to dislocate his wrist (it was kinda my fault and a total accident, luckily he threw a 2nd temper tantrum and popped it back in), bash his temple on a door knob (he was running on his birthday and turned sideways and BAM, caught the door knob with his head), and on Valentine's Day, I thought he might have broken his nose. He totally bashed the bridge of his nose on our bedrail and it bled and swelled, but his well check was that Monday and the pediatrician assured me it was fine.

These are just the more major incidents. He must hit his head, foot, arm, whatever at least 5 times a day. As sad as it is, he makes me laugh when he does get hurt, because everytime he uses this pitiful little voice and comes running to me saying, "Mama, I bonked da head" even if it is his foot.

Chubby head babies make me smile

We have set the computer up in the kitchen since the office is soon to be Kade's bedroom. At first I wasn't too excited about this, but we have set up the screen saver to be a slide show and I love it! All day long I get to see great pictures that bring back the best memories.

The kids don't usually pay too much attention to it, but the other day this picture of Kade when he was about 10 months old popped up and Kacey goes, "Look mom, that's my brother when he had a chubby head!" Love her!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Crib Chronicles

Well, let me start by saying I am exhausted. Kade's abilities to climb out of his crib have taken a bigger hit on me than I thought they would.

Tuesday night he wouldn't go to bed. He climbed out three times, so then I laid him down in our bed. I accidentally fell asleep only to find him playing in the playroom a few minutes later. At 11:04pm, he finally went to bed. (I actually got him climbing out on video. I set the camera on the changing table and caught him in the act, the only problem is that the video is really dark. I may try again today at naptime...)
Anyway, long story, but the short version is that this morning he woke up at 4:30am. We tried everything to get him to go back to sleep, but then Kambry woke up to eat at 5:30am. Game Over.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Call to action

There are moments when you say to yourself, "This changes EVERYTHING..." This morning at 6:11am, Ken and I wake up to the sound of Kade crying. This is nothing new. Kade wakes every morning screaming like he lost a limb. He also wakes from naps in a similar manner, lucky me. The reason this morning is note worthy, is that the crying was accompanied by the sound of little feet...yes, Kade climbed out of his crib. (Sigh) He really is my little monkey.

I have been putting off packing up the office to convert it into Kade's bedroom. It looks like I cannot put it off any longer. So every night this week after the kids go to bed, I will be sorting, packing and trying to figure out what to do with everything in the office. Wish me luck. My goal is to have it done by Friday night. The bright shopping!