Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No Way!

I am so super excited! Kacey just read Hop On Pop by Dr. Suess. She made it to page 55 before she just couldn't sit still to focus any more! Some of the pages she has memorized, but when I made her slow down she was able to sound out the words and read them correctly. Way to go Kacey!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Mama, you make me sick.

Just before Christmas we all had a cold (even Kambry, poor thing). We went out to eat and (of course) the second we get our food, Kacey has to go potty. I take her to the restroom and as she is sitting there she coughs a couple of times. The following is her interpretation of why she is sick, and whose fault it is:

Kacey: I have a cough.
Me: Yes, I'm sorry Sweetie.
Kacey: Why am I sick Mama?
Me: Well, we have a cold.
Kacey: I'm not cold.
Me: No, not cold from outside, we have germs that make us feel sick.
Kacey: Yes. And tired.
Me: (trying not to laugh that she is "sick and tired") Are you finished yet? (Going potty...I was ready to get back to the table).
Kacey: Almost. Mama why am I about to be 4?
Me: Because you are getting so big!
Kacey: Yes, I am old now. (pause) And sick.
Me: I know honey.
Kacey: It's because I have been living with you for so long. That is why I am sick.

So when she said this, she was not quite 4 and I was already getting blamed for everything. I can't wait until she is 14!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


(12/10/08) We woke up and realized there was snow on the ground! Kacey was so confused. She thought Santa was coming that night because it snowed.

Kacey Makes us Fancy

One of Kacey's favorite games is to play "haircut." Luckily, there are no scissors involved, just lots of spray gel, bows, and hair barrettes. Here we are looking fancy. Can't say I have ever looked so fabulous!

She Smiles!

Less than a month old and Kambry smiles! Her favorite things to smile and make cute faces at are mommy, Kacey, and the mobile above her swing. (Should have been posted on 11/24/08)


So blogging is not something I have been very on top of...somehow I knew this would happen. So I am officially admitting I am a slacker and will start posting some of the things I should have posted the last few months! Forgive me, and stay tuned!