Saturday, September 19, 2009

Live Music Galore!

We have decided it is time for us to start taking advantage of living in/around the wonderful city of Austin, "The Live Music Capitol of the World".  On Tuesday Ken and I went to see Jason Mraz, and on Friday we went to see Pat Green.  Yippee!  Two date nights in one week!  

We kept Friday simple and didn't do dinner or anything, just the concert, and no big group, just the two of us.  We thought we were getting there in time for the opening act to be winding down, but instead they hadn't even started yet...and they were horrible...oh well, it did allow us to get really close to the stage!  Pat Green is a great live act, especially this time around, his Mama was in the audience and so he wasn't throwing back a flask or cussing up a storm.  I guess the saying that if Mama ain't happy...still applies to 30 something Texas Country music stars!

Friday, September 18, 2009


What do you do when stuck in traffic?  Yesterday while I was cooking dinner I opened an email from Ken and had this...I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jason Mraz Concert

Our relationship with Jason Mraz started way back in 2004. He had his first single on the radio, and we had no children. Yes, it is hard to believe...

One random night we were getting dressed to go out, and turned on the TV to see if anything decent was on. We turned to Austin City Limits on PBS and saw he was on. Never had Ken and I seen such an amazing act, we were so entranced we stayed home and watched the whole show instead of going out. The next day we went and bought his CD, and loved every song. We have stayed faithful followers even though his music has changed a bit, but have never seen him live.

I heard he was coming and bought us floor tickets and they were worth every penny. The songs he plays do not sound like his CD, they sound better. To say he is talented is an understatement, and when you throw in a brass section and extended percussion...his live show cannot be beat.

The girlies

Needless to say we had a great night. We were able to meet up with Justin & Amy for dinner, and Leslie & Brent rode with us. Dinner beforehand was fun, Justin told some hilarious stories, and being so close to the stage was a fantastic treat.
Boys will be boys...
Killing time before the show starts

I'm Yours...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sprinkler Park

Ken and I wanted to do something fun and outdoors with the kids on Labor Day, and since it was back up to the high 90's, we decided water should also be involved.  After weighing our options, we decided on the Sprinkler Park.  Fun and free, you simply cannot go wrong! 

The Daddies, it's so great when they get to stay home!

Kade playing cars as usual!
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this baby?

Kacey and Quaid were having a battle, running around and filling buckets with water then splashing each other in the face.  It was hilarious!

Kacey posing...she loves to pose for pictures!
I think Kade and Ainsley's favorite part was the picnic lunch.  They ate everything they could get their hands on, although I did sneak Kambry a chocolate cookie!  
Ainsley munchin' away...check out Kambry's face in the background!
The best part, everyone came home and took a two hour nap!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Pre-K, here she comes!

Kacey had her first day of Pre-K on Thursday.  On Tuesday we had gone and seen her classroom and met her teacher, Ms. Staci.  They are the butterflies!  Kacey thought this was very exciting and exclaimed, "I am in her class because she knows that butterflies are my favorite!"  
She had "homework" to turn in when she got to her classroom, a page all about her.  Here are some highlights: Fav color: purple, Fav animal: butterflies, Best Friend: Hazel, Fav activity: pretend and draw, Fav food: pickles!

Signing in

Already at work!

Kade had a friend over to play all day Thursday, so he didn't miss her too much, but I sure did.  I forgot what it was like to have a house that wasn't full of constant chatter and pretend.  I could not wait to go get her!  When I picked her up I asked her what her favorite part of her day was, and she replied, "Oh, the playground."  Haha, they learn so quickly!

Gig 'Em Aggies

On Saturday Ken went to the Texas A&M football game with Justin's family and his dad.  Ken had a grand vision of body paint, face paint, and maroon wigs.  Unfortunately, (fortunately?  depends whose side you're on) his plans didn't work out, but they did wear the wigs until it got too crazy hot!
March In

Fightin' Texas Aggie Band

I can't wait to take the kids and go to a game.  There is nothing quite like Gameday in Aggieland.  The excitement that hangs in the air, the band, maroon everywhere and on everything.  You look out and see the stands full of over 80,000 people all standing for the love of a school.  It truly is a special place...something that you can't quite understand unless you have been there.

The Aggies came out of their season opener with a very decisive win over New Mexico, 41-6.  WHOOP!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Baby lock on the fridge?

I was thinking I was pretty fabulous this morning when by 8:15 am had already cleaned one bathroom and was working on the second when Kambry came crawling in and looked like a little vampire baby, purpley red drool dripping out of her mouth...I freaked, washed my hands, grabbed her and ran to the sink to try and figure out what she had in her mouth and clean her up.  Sorry folks, it didn't occur to me to grab the camera and take a picture.  

Good news, nothing that would harm her.  Bad news, blackberries stain everything they touch!  It seems that while I was being all productive, Kade wanted food, went to the fridge, got out the blackberries and then proceeded to share them with Kambry, who then wanted to show me her yummy snack, crawled from the playroom, back to my bedroom, leaving a squishy red trail in her wake.

Kambry still has a few light red splotches on her skin, and I think the carpet will be ok. Thank goodness for the steam cleaner!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

I am now...a soccer mom

Kacey's first soccer practice was Thursday.  She was soooo excited, it's all she talked about ALL DAY LONG.  Her coach seems super nice as do the other kids and their parents.  In her age bracket, (4-5 yrs) they play 3 on 3, co-ed and don't keep score.  I wasn't expecting there to be boys on her team, but was pretty pleased to see that she could keep up and run circles around them! (OK, I was actually VERY pleased).

We all had fun watching, and the coach even let Kade try and play with them!

A girl can never have enough shoes!

On Monday my mom and I went shopping to get the kids new shoes.  We had so much fun!  Kade  got new tennis shoes that light up, and Kambry got a pair of pre-walker shoes.  Soooo cute!  Now that she is cruising and standing up, I need to make sure her feet are protected.

Kacey and Kade on the carousel at the mall.  GeeGee spoils them!
Kambry showing off her new kicks!

Kacey however, scored!  She got two pair of sneakers on Monday with my mom (pink glitter ones and regular ones), soccer cleats on Thursday, and ballet, and tap shoes on Friday.  That's five, count 'em, five pairs of shoes in a week.  Her feet grew over the summer, so I still need to get her nicer casual shoes and church shoes.  She is only 4 and already I can't keep up!

Kacey was posing in her cleats...ready to score a goal!

Friday, September 4, 2009

New Office

Over 2 years in the making, but the start-up Ken has been working with moved into their new office this week.  Ken has his own office with gorgeous views.  It is quite the drive, 27 miles each way, but it is so nice that they are finally getting off the ground running!  I can't wait for them to fill up all 3,800 sq. ft with fabulous employees!  
We went on Saturday to get his office set up and took the kids.  They hung in there really well.

 Kade's makin' deals.

Funny story, Kade or Kacey, (not sure which one) was running around shutting all the doors, and the door to the telecom and servers locked!  There was no key, so Ken had to be creative and use a piece of a broken down cubicle to reach down through a ceiling tile he took out.  Whew!  It was a close one, especially since the telecom guy was there to work on the phone lines!

 I love you Ken, and I am so proud of you and all your hard work.

Wicked Good Fun

Last Friday Ken and I went to see Wicked.  It was amazing!  We left a little later than planned, but managed to squeeze in our favorite Chinese food, Suzi's.  Yummy is an understatement, their sesame chicken is unreal!  We walked about a mile to get to the theater, in new shoes...ouch!  But we had great seats, and had a wonderful time together.  We loved it so much, we are ready to see it again!

Life's a Beach...

Two weekends ago we made a very quick trip to Port Aransas with Justin and Amy's family.  It was a much needed, too short, but fabulous trip!  We left Friday when Ken got home and made the drive.  The kids were AMAZING in the car, so much so, that our next 5 road trips are probably jinxed!  Because we headed down Friday night, we had all day Saturday on the beach.  We went in for a rest around 2pm and relaxed during the heat of the day then headed out again in the evening.  
Kade with Uncle Justin, one of the few moments he was still.  Kade was our escape artist, he kept running off a quarter mile down the beach!

I say this every time we go to the beach, but if Kacey ever decides to run away from home, I know where to find her...
Kambry was amazing!  She loved to feel the wet sand in her hands.

Ainsley with Swim Baby.  
On our way home Sunday, we stopped at the Texas State Aquarium.  We saw stingrays, sharks, fish, and a dolphin show.  I loved the graceful!  We had a wonderful mini break, and I hope we can do it every summer!