Wednesday, April 29, 2009

8 Things

I was tagged by my friend Jamie to do this post. This is not my usual thing. If it were an email, I would not be doing this, but Jamie, I love ya girlie so here goes!

8 Things I look forward to:
1) Ken coming home everyday. It's like a big party! The kids scream and run around. Most importantly, the house feels complete.
2) A sweet, quiet moment with the kids individually
3) Weekly date nights
4) Bunco
5) Ken's new business to launch
6) Pilates
7) A Shower (any other mom's know what I mean???)
8) Owning 20+ acres one day and building our dream house

8 Things I Did Yesterday:
1) Made lunches
2) Took Kacey to and from Preschool
3) Had playgroup at my house for Kade
4) Read books, Played Tea Party, Croomed Cars
5) Showered...yes!
6) Picked up toys and vacuumed
7) Went to the grocery store and washed 3 loads of laundry (still need to be folded and put away)
8) Made dinner, went to Pilates and then to my friend Katie's birthday

8 Things I wish I could do:
1) Read a book a week (I need to get back in the habit)
2) Go on a family vacation
3) Go on a vacation with just Ken and I
4) Lose 20 lbs.
5) Keep a spotless house
6) Clone myself a few times over
7) Go back to school and get a degree in Interior Design
8) Learn to sew

8 Shows I watch:
1) American Idol
2) The Office (best show on TV.)
3) Oprah
4) CSI
5) CSI New York
6) CSI Miami (I have a problem)
7) Little People Big World (Ken and I want their land)
8) E! News (sad, I know)

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1) L. Kate
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8) Mhari

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Go Rodeo!

About a month ago we went to the carnival that was part of the Austin Rodeo. The kids had a great time! They rode ponies, climbed on tractors, Kacey fed the animals in the petting zoo (it freaked Kade out so he stayed back with Kambry and I), we walked around the Livestock show, and then rode a few rides. Ken and I had gone the night before with our friends Kristin and Del so that we could ride too! Here is a slideshow of all the good times. I haven't figured out how to embed the slideshow in this post, so they are separate...sorry!

Going Green...Sorta

I have started recording Oprah and watching it after the kids go to bed. Sometimes I delete them, but many times they are worth watching. Yesterday was Earth Day, and in true 'green' fashion, Oprah's show was about conservation and all things Earth friendly. I rolled my eyes, but Ken was at the gym and the kids were in bed, so I decided to watch it. I am not a "green" person. I find it annoying that it has become some trendy thing, and most efforts to be green seem to take either time or money, and I already have my hands full. (Not the best attitude, I know, but I am trying to be completely honest).

She started the show by discussing the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. I was blown away. I had no idea something like this existed. It is a mass of trash that has collected in the Pacific Ocean. It is not from some corporate giant illegally dumping in the ocean. This island of trash (it is estimated to be twice the size of Texas) has formed from run-offs. (Cup flows down the sewer, to lake, to river, to ocean, etc.)

Take this situation and think about how many times this has happened to you: you are at the park with your adorable children. They have goldfish crackers in a plastic baggie, the crackers are gone and the wind picks up and whoosh, the baggie is caught in the wind and you can't catch it. You feel bad, but you don't worry about it, you TRIED to catch the bag, right? That bag and millions of others might have wound up in this patch of trash.

It hit a cord. It doesn't matter if I have to wash out my trash so it can go in the recycle bin. It doesn't matter if I have to pay money for reusable grocery bags. What does matter, is that the entire ocean does not end up like this. What does matter is that my children have a beach to take their kids to. What I do or don't do, does have an impact.

I don't think I will become a total green freak overnight. I will still drive my suburban, I will still probably leave too many lights on during the day, but my social consciousness has been raised. I am aware, and I am responsible.

I have decided to start with reducing the amount of plastic we consume in our home. I bought reusable grocery bags this morning at the store and am about to purchase reusable sandwich bags as well. (, I like these because you can still see what is in them). If anyone else has ideas for reducing the plastic they use, please share! It's small, but it is a start.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Kacey's Easter Dress

Kacey's Easter dress this year has a little bit of a story attached to it. I LOVE this dress! A very special family friend made this dress 6 or 7 years ago when she was opening a business that specialized in handmade heirloom children's clothing. She is super talented and makes the most amazing gowns and dresses. This is one of the first dresses she made (for the business) and when she showed it to me, I fell in love with it. I just knew whoever wore this dress would be so special, and so lucky to have something made with such care. I was silently hoping the dress would not sell so that if I ever had a little girl, I could buy it. When Kacey was born, we were given the dress as a gift because she knew how much I adored it. It has sat in Kacey's closet for 4 years. It was worth the wait! Thank you Vivian!


We had a wonderful Easter Sunday. The Easter Bunny came through and the kids had a blast opening their baskets. We also started a new tradition this year, the Easter Bunny also brings everyone their swimsuits, cover-ups and water shoes so that when the weather gets warm, we are ready for action (and Mama doesn't have to drive all over town when everything is picked over!).

After we all got dressed in our Sunday best, we were off to church. Ken played the organ this week! He did a great job, minus the part where he daydreamed and forgot where he was in the song! But I don't think anyone noticed :) I was able to teach my Primary class a lesson on the Atonement and Resurrection, and I hope they were actually listening, but we all know how 11 year olds can be!

We dashed home, changed clothes and went over to Mimi's house. The food was great and the kids had a great time during their egg hunt!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I sooooooo know better...

I love to read other people's blogs. Last night I was reading some random ladies blog that I found a link to on a friends blog. I start reading and before I know it I am sucked in. It was not the very happy-go-lucky sort of blog, but the very somber-yet-beautiful kind. Next thing I know an hour of my life is gone and I am bawling my eyes out about this very lovely woman's baby that she lost over a year ago, and thinking of my sweet babies, and I couldn't stop crying. I decided to stop torturing myself and go to bed.

Before this happened I had planned to update this blog. Hopefully I can get around to that in the next few days! I am also trying to decide if I am going to leave this as a family blog and start my own personal blog. I haven't decided yet. Perhaps I should just write in one of the many empty journals I have stashed in my nightstand...