Monday, November 2, 2009

Careful...they bite!

GeeGee had a couple days off work towards the beginning of the month and we decided to take the kids to do something fun.  I found a drive-thru safari in New Braunsfels.  On our way, we stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel in San Marcos.  Yummmm, their biscuits are the best!

Kade waiting for lunch.

Kacey with her ginormous lollipop!

When you arrive at the Wildlife Ranch, they have food for you to purchase at the gate and you roll the windows down and make your way onto the road.  It was a beautiful day and we were lucky to see animals right away!  The animals walked right up to the car and most of them were very polite and would just wait for you to put your hand out, some were a little pushier and would stick their heads in the car...scary! 

We mostly had the kids throw the food on the ground, but Kade was getting very brave by the time we got to the zebras (you all know where this is going don't you?).  We are all having a great time feeding the zebras when Kade started crying.  He turned to me and showed me his was covered in zebra slobber!  "Zeba bite da pinger, zeba bite da pinger!"  Sure enough, his ring finger had a definite bite mark on the nail and first knuckle.  Luckily the zebra seemed to have realized his error and didn't chomp all the way down!  Kade recovered quickly and we continued on, only from there on out we threw the food on the ground, just to be safe.

Super happy Kambry!

Up close and personal

Washing up!
We finished up by feeding goats and checking out a few animals on the grounds.  It was a super fun day!

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  1. Totally fun! We will have to do this sometime... kids just love animals! Probably because they can relate to their WILDness!