Wednesday, November 11, 2009

"All Better" Outing

After spending almost a week and half avoiding the outside world due to swine flu, the kids were finally starting to feel better.  Not 100%, but their fevers had all broke for the mandatory 24 hours and were no longer contagious so Ken and I decided we needed to get out of the house for some low key fun.  We chose Kiddie Acres, a mini kid carnival full of old fashioned rides.  I hadn't taken the kids in a while and it was Ken's first trip there.

Kade on the carosel. He had to do it all by himself, and wouldn't let us stand with him.  Luckily, there was no major incident to report!

Kacey's favorite color is purple and Kade's is red.  They were color coordinted for almost every ride.  Ken's thoughts: "This amusement park for kids had really old school rides. Why do I say that? These propellers are spinning fast enough to easily chew through a couple of kids. When the ride started and the propellers started flying I was thinking....hmmm that looks a bit dangerous."

I have plenty of pictures of Kambry sitting in her stroller happily watching the older kids have all the fun.  This time I caught her making a funny face and it makes me want to go and squeeze her cuteness!

The proud parents


  1. I love Kiddie Acres :) It is the best. Glad y'all are doing better. Your picture takes great pics! What kind do you have?

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